Animus Sample Pack


Animus Distillery Sample Pack 3 gins, Kilmore VIC

1 x 100ml Ambrosian Gin - mandarin, kaffir lime & white sesame along with fresh tumeric, galangal and ginger, Animus Ambrosian is a bold gin rich with both Australian and South East Asian influences.


1 x 100ml Arboretum Gin - herbaceous gin utlising a range of local estate-grown ingredients: Fresh stawberry gum leaf, lemon thyme, rosemary, oranges and native bush tomato support the classic gin notes of bold juniper, coriander seed & citrus with a long, spicy, balanced finish. 

1 x 100ml Classic Dry Gin - Nothing classic about this, spicy deliciousness! Australian lemon myrtle and mountain pepper berry with a freshness from use of home-grown ingredients.